Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today I posted off the birthday club gift!!! Yeh!! Sent some pressies to queensland!!! Yeh!!!
Buying Luke lego!!! one thing off my mind!! 3 butterfly's finished but need two more!!!

And I havn't got any pics!!! Arggggh

till next time

Geniene XXX

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more done

Well i feel I am making a little bit of progress. I have finished the girls wallhangings and 1 butterfly potholder. I have one ready to hand sew binding and another at the sewing up stage.
I think I have decided not to make Luke a wall hanging and cheat by buying him something. Dont know yet!!

Back to it then bed. It's late or early depends on which way you look at it!!!

Until next time

Geniene XX

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Case swap - Craft Forum

This is the case I made for Gail in the case swap on the craft forum.

She said her colours were Pink and orange. I used my Jonome 300e to embroider her name.
(not a very good photo)

Mini Stitchery Swap - Craft Forum

This is the bag I made for Papillon in the Mini Stitchery swap on the craft forum
The Stitchery was from Australian Country Threads "A Special Stitchery Edition" Vol 7 No 8
It is called A Bluebird's Welcome

2 down heaps to go

I have finished Kates wallhanging!!!! Yeh
Chloes wallhanging needs the binding hand sewn down.
I have one Butterfly up to hanging the binding sewn down and I am about to cut out another one.

Going to Spotty's tomorrow they have 20% off with coupon. Just have to get the bloody printer out a stuff around to print it out.

Until next time

Geniene XXX

Pic's are coming soon I promise

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wasting vaulable craft time

It's 11.26pm on Thrusday night only 18 days until we leave for our exciting adventure to Brissie and I still have not made much progress in finishing any of the things i need to. Instead I have been wasting my precious time looking at the forum and at other peoples blogs.

so I need to start and finish
1.Chloes wallhanging (needs quilting, the pockets and bindings sewed on and down) (done)
2. Kates wallhanging (i am binding this one) (done)
3. Lukes wallhanging (not started) (???)
4. dolls quilt for Rhiannon (not started)
5. Mum's book mark (not started)
6. Bonnie and Georgias owls (need them for sunday the 14th)
7. 3 butterfly potholders (1 of which I need for the 14th) (1 down 2 to go but i need 2 more)
8. ???? can't think mind is blank
9. all the friendship blocks and stitchery blocks I am behind in
10. The birthday club gift

Wow I think I could type all night

I also need to post the pics that I said I would

Geniene xx

Monday, December 1, 2008


Today is the first.
Only 24 days to finish two girlie wall hangings, Start a wallhanging for Luke, 3 butterfly potholders and cother things for pressies.
Rhiannon has a birthday present for her two little friends. I want to make them a gift aswell!!!!
So much to do so little time
will go do a little and post again later when I have my mind to myself

until next time


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's hard to find the time

Lately there has been a list of things i need to finish or do (christmas and stuff) but I seem to be getting no where.

The end of October was pretty hetic getting Danijela and Harrison's quilts finished!!!!

Danijela is my new little neice born on the 21st of October. I made her a quilt so she could kept it and snuggle up with something all her life. I am really happy with how quickly I got it done!!!

Harrison's quilt on the other hand dealt me a few night mares and I was sooooo happy to pull the last threads and stitch the last stitches. this has to be my most favourite quilt out of the four that I have made so far

This quilting nearly did my head in.
I started this in August so I wouldn't still stitching the night before the party. Unfortunately I was still stitching!!!!! But I did end up getting it done and I think Harrison was pretty happy with it I know his Mummy was!!!

Harrison with his 1st birthday quilt.

I have been trying really hard to get all of my swaps up to date. I have finished a couple and have decided that I won't join any more this year.
I will download my photo's and post about the case swap and mini stitchery later tonight after work! Yuck!

Now I am going to sloth on the lounge for half hour before work.

Take care until next time
XX Geniene

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time goes by then it's your birthday - then the weekends over

It was my birthday on Friday..... i got my 24 x 6 1/2 inch ruler that i wanted to but for so long, blue grass perfume, croc skin bag, fat q of fabric, 2 machine embroidery cottons and some buttons.

We went over to Poppy T and Miss Wendy's for wood fire pizza lunch and relaxed in the back yard until I had to go to work.

Jess at work gave me a mini mud cake that I shared with Geoff and Rhiannon after work on Saturday.

Yum Yum

We all know that this is how you should eat birthday cake!!! But it's my cake I should be doing that!!!

Other than the fact that I had to work on Friday night and Saturday I had a great birthday

Today we went to Tate's 5Th birthday. A lovely arvo with friends but so hot. We all came a little bit burnt and Rhiannon was a bit battered but I'm sure we all had a great day

Now I am off to finish a couple of chores before deciding whether i will go to bed or sit up and sew
till next time
XXX Geniene

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lazy and Forgetful!!!!

How would you forget about your blog??
Or am I just lazy??

I can tell you that nothing much has been finished around here. I am working on a quilt for Harrison's 1st birthday which I am happy with it's progress but other than that not much.
I can't even post any photo's because I need to get a new battery for the camera.

Hope that I don't forget about you my little blog and I will be back soon

Till next time

XX Geniene

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Starting out (cause every one else is!!)

After thinking about it for awhile I have now taken the plunge. This is my first blog!!!
I have been reading loads of others and thought I should oneday and today is the day.

Today is Fathers day. Geoff was away for the weekend and got home about 1.30pm. Rhiannon gave him the essential (new jocks) and a pair of Jim Beam uggies. (he just tryed them and they don't fit back to the shops tomorrow!!! OH NO)

You will all have to be patient with me as I learn to blog and I will say sorry in advance if it bores you!!! I some times have trouble writing or wording what I think I want to say!!!

This will be my way of keeping a craft diary so I can remember what went where and to show somw of my favourite things
So until nextime stay safe and happy