Sunday, September 7, 2008

Starting out (cause every one else is!!)

After thinking about it for awhile I have now taken the plunge. This is my first blog!!!
I have been reading loads of others and thought I should oneday and today is the day.

Today is Fathers day. Geoff was away for the weekend and got home about 1.30pm. Rhiannon gave him the essential (new jocks) and a pair of Jim Beam uggies. (he just tryed them and they don't fit back to the shops tomorrow!!! OH NO)

You will all have to be patient with me as I learn to blog and I will say sorry in advance if it bores you!!! I some times have trouble writing or wording what I think I want to say!!!

This will be my way of keeping a craft diary so I can remember what went where and to show somw of my favourite things
So until nextime stay safe and happy


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