Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's hard to find the time

Lately there has been a list of things i need to finish or do (christmas and stuff) but I seem to be getting no where.

The end of October was pretty hetic getting Danijela and Harrison's quilts finished!!!!

Danijela is my new little neice born on the 21st of October. I made her a quilt so she could kept it and snuggle up with something all her life. I am really happy with how quickly I got it done!!!

Harrison's quilt on the other hand dealt me a few night mares and I was sooooo happy to pull the last threads and stitch the last stitches. this has to be my most favourite quilt out of the four that I have made so far

This quilting nearly did my head in.
I started this in August so I wouldn't still stitching the night before the party. Unfortunately I was still stitching!!!!! But I did end up getting it done and I think Harrison was pretty happy with it I know his Mummy was!!!

Harrison with his 1st birthday quilt.

I have been trying really hard to get all of my swaps up to date. I have finished a couple and have decided that I won't join any more this year.
I will download my photo's and post about the case swap and mini stitchery later tonight after work! Yuck!

Now I am going to sloth on the lounge for half hour before work.

Take care until next time
XX Geniene