Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wasting vaulable craft time

It's 11.26pm on Thrusday night only 18 days until we leave for our exciting adventure to Brissie and I still have not made much progress in finishing any of the things i need to. Instead I have been wasting my precious time looking at the forum and at other peoples blogs.

so I need to start and finish
1.Chloes wallhanging (needs quilting, the pockets and bindings sewed on and down) (done)
2. Kates wallhanging (i am binding this one) (done)
3. Lukes wallhanging (not started) (???)
4. dolls quilt for Rhiannon (not started)
5. Mum's book mark (not started)
6. Bonnie and Georgias owls (need them for sunday the 14th)
7. 3 butterfly potholders (1 of which I need for the 14th) (1 down 2 to go but i need 2 more)
8. ???? can't think mind is blank
9. all the friendship blocks and stitchery blocks I am behind in
10. The birthday club gift

Wow I think I could type all night

I also need to post the pics that I said I would

Geniene xx

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wow - what a crafty list! Hope you make good progress in getting everything done on time. Handmade gifts are the best!