Monday, December 14, 2009


Today I update my Blog!!!!! Woohoo

My warning is there are a few different things in there. Things I have been working on for a little while. I haven't really finished much as I have been working on Rhiannon's fairy land quilt and the Noah's ark BOM. I was making the Noah's ark bom for a little friend of mine. He was born at 24 weeks gestation on the 30Th of October and sadly he passed away last week. He fought so hard to survive and now I don't want to finish the little quilt. Hope one day I will feel like doing it again.
So today I am trying to get Lucky's last pressies finished. I have told the littlest one that it can't come out until Auntie Lucky's stuff is finished but keep telling it to get out of there so the poor little must be confused!!!! Nearly there.
Tomorrow I will be going off line again as my puto is still a little under the weather and has to go back to the Puto doctor. Maybe that was the inspiration to get my blog a little up-to-date.
I will try to get some pics of the fairly land quilt and my big baby belly on here before the puto goes.

Christmas Aprons

This year for Annabel and Harrison I made cooking Aprons. I also put some mini utensils in the pocket. Rhiannon is getting one too but didn't have time to finish hers yet. Annabel was excited to have a cooking apron and mixers. I can't believe how much of a dag my girl can be!!! She is in the blue top. I think she is part hippy.....
until I'm back again
Take Care
Geniene XX

Jungle Babies Joint Gift

My best friend Gill and I made a quilt for Simon and Michelle's baby. We started in August 09 and finished it November about a week (not even) before the baby was born. I did all the hand applique of the animals and the label on the back while Gill joined the quilt top, quilted it and did the binding. Lots of back and forth but it turned out really well. The cost was spread between the two of us by using materials we both had or choosing stuff for it together. So little baby Charlotte Hicks has a beautiful quilt to keep for ever.
The quilt is "Jungle Babies" by Desiree's Designs
Until my next post take care
Geniene XXX

Ricks Birthday present

I made this placemat for my Stepdad Rick's birthday. He is mad about fishing but never catchs anything. My Mum is the fisher person she keeps the team going. I changer the name on it and used the numbers which are on their boat. Little did I know that they have changed with the new QLD rego but he was abit chuffed that I went to all the effort and loves it anyway.

Till my next post Take care


Michelle's Baby shower gift

This is a play mat I made Michelle for her baby shower back in October. Glutton for punishment I decided I wanted to make this and the baby shower was on the Saturday and it was Monday night. Got it done though!!!!
Till my next post
Take care

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My computer is fixed

My computer Doctor has fixed everything up and I can now get back into my blog. Oh Yippy do!!! Now I just need to get my act together and take some pics and finish some stuff and put it all on here. It is so nice to be able to login again as I missed out on so many cool giveaways :-(
and now there is this new wonderful blog Among The Gum Trees. Go over and take a look.

I have been a little ill lately with migranes and stuff. Going to the antenatal doctor on wednesday for a check up so hopefully he will be able to sort something out to help with these headaches that have stopped me from my craft.

I have been working on a few things and hope to finish them all so I can get some pics up here. So I better get to it and get my butt into gear (i am told alot lately this is getting bigger)

Till next time

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday girls

Annabels 3 today!!! that's Renny's best friend.
Renny's 3 tomorrow!!!!

I have been busy in the sweat shop making pj pants for Renny, Annabel, Lilly and Becy.
Lilly and Becy were 3 at the beginning of the month and they got a pair of pj's each and an owl. I made these the night before the parties so I forgot to take pics befor I wrapped them!! (stoopid me)
This weekend we have bben celebrating Annabel and Rhiannon's 3rd b'day and once again I fofrgot to take pics of Annabels things. Lucky Renny's got the same so I'll get her to modle for me. I also made Annabel a baby carrier that i will get her Mum to get a pic of!! So cute how much these little girls pick up.

We had a little get together and I took 2 photos. Wonder what's going on with me I'm normally Miss Fugi????

Till nexttime Take care

Dawn's Giveaway


2009 © Dawn Hay -

Dawn is having a give away. Check it out how cool is that. I wonder if I could fit my laura star in that bag???

Have fun GXX

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One a Day Quilt along

I have joined in the one a day quilt along over at now I just need to remember to quilt along.
We are up to day 8 so I guess I am offically behind but I will catch up by Thursday. I promise.

Till Next time
Geniene XX

Monday, May 4, 2009

Coat hanger Swap

I joined in the Coat hanger swap on the craft forum.

I sent to Kimba4 . This coat hanger was whipped up in about 2 hours and is very effective i think so much so we (Renny and I) have come in our cupboards. I had some little coat hangers left from the peg bag swap. Renny just loves pretty little things.

Renny has even laid claim to the hanger that Bec (Purpled2) sent to me. It has Flutterfly's on it so it must be hers she said!!!!

I have more stuff to catch up on so I will be back to post some more soon
Til next time
Geniene XXX

I just signed Rhiannon up to this Swap. It will be here first swap and she'll get some nice mail. You all know how exciting it is to get mail and think about that when your only Three.
Sign up's are open to kids aged 2-12 years & they will be sending/recieving mail from other kids of a similar age.Sign Ups close on Monday the 11th of May & mail must be posted by Monday 25th of May. So if you know your kids would enjoy this go over to and join in the kids fun

Have a good day
Geniene XX

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ryan's Quilt

I started this quilt for my Little cousin Ryan in December. Ryan was born on the 7th January. I knew he was going to be a boy and what I wanted to do. It is one of those ones that annoyed me cause I couldn't get the colours right then I had to unpick some then I just ran out of drive to get it done and I started to hate it. The time came where I just bit the bullet and since Thursday last week I have worked hard and it is now done. Rhiannon has a little cuddle with all the quilts I make before thay go off to their new homes. She is pretending to be asleep in this one. How cute is her sleeping face?

I will take some more pics in the daylight so you can see the middle (which is the southern cross) I just wanted to post about it today so I can oput it in my March finished projects!!!!

I have also done two of the blocks for Rhiannon's fairy land quilt but have to iorn them before I can take pics. Will do that tomorrow. They can go in April so it looks like I've done something!!!!

Till next time

Geniene XX

Isabel's Bag

This is a bag that I made for my friend Isabel for her birthday. I promised I would make her one last year and never got around to it. Si this year I made this bag and also made her a red and black butterfly pot holder. She loved it. I had a minor problem wher I accidently cut one of the squares so thats why the love heart is there. It turned out to be a nice little added touch.

Till next time xx Geniene xx

Clare Craftroom

Clare over at Clare's Craftroom has come up with a new pattern and is giving away a copy on her blog. I think this would be wonderful in Rhiannon's all things flutterby room and i want to win. So pop over and have a look but don't enter cause I want to win and too many people have already entered (just joking leave a comment and blog about it and you get two entries)
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this it is so cute...
Till next post (which may be soon) I have to post my finished projects. Going to take some pics on the broken down camera. Can't wait to get my new one only couple more payments!!!!
Geniene XXX

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Pin Cushion

This is the great big plump pin cushion the I recieved from Mumof6 (Liz) in the Pin cushion Swap. I love it. Liz also gave me some quilting pins.
(Sorry about the pic can't wait to get my new camera)
Till next time
Geniene XX

My Spotlight Buys

Last Monday I went to spotlighs 20% off sale. I was going only to get some wadding for my cousins quilt but I also came back with these!!!!

I was pretty good and spent just over $50 as I had to get some other stuff aswell

Till next time
Geniene XXX

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stitched-up's Pin Cushion

Well Amanda recieved her pincushion and she said she loves it. I used the same fabric to wrap it up with. I "borrowed" Amanda's photo because I still don't have a camera although it is on layby!!!!

I am currently working on more of the Natalie Bird Stitcheries for Rhiannon. I have done the stitcheries for the pillowsham, the bolster cushion and i am doing the wall hanging atm. Hopefully won't be long until I start the Applique blocks for the quilt. It is made up of heaps of little squares so I want to do them all together so all the fabrics are matching.

My little chicken is sick with this terrible cold and the only good thing about it is that she wants to sleep!!! I have done the iorning, cleaned up the kitchen, am about to do the bathroom and you know my luck will be that as soon as I sit down to stitch she will be up. So I better get back to it so I can havae a little me time before work.

Till next time

Geniene XX

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sam's Big giveaway

Go over to Sam's blog and check out her giveaway.
Sam is also running a Paper Bag Swap. Here's a link go have a look

Till next time
Geniene XX

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pin cushion Swap

I 'm done with my pin cushion. I wrapped up today and it's ready to go in the post. I can't show you a pic yet as Amanda (Stitched-up) may just happen along but I will post a pic as soon as she opens it.

My swap partner is Liz (Mum of 6) who lives just around the corner so I think we are either going to catch up for coffee or she is going to pop it in the letter box.

Can't wait to be able to post some pics.

I just signed up for the Peg Bag swap!!!!

Till later

Geniene XXX

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feb FQ and Seeds Swap

Our February FQ swap was for a fq of something that grows in your garden and some seeds.

This is what Sandy sent me.
I sent to Judy (Judestuff) I sent her a hot pepper fq and a packet of Beans and Peas
This is a great swap to build up your stash and you get fabrics that you might not think of buying yourself.
Till next time
(It's really late and I am taking Rhiannon to the show tomorrow. I don't think we will be going as early as I planned)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Starting something for Renny

A couple of days ago I started this stitchery which is another one from the Natalie bird book Fairyland. This is going to be the pillow sham to match Rhiannon's quilt. I haven't started that yet but I have most of the materials just need the 35 hour week they have been talking about on the forum. Every time I start something Renny asks me "that mine quilt Mum?" at least i have been able to say "Yes Bub that's for your pillow" she said "that's cute" (she's cute crazy and 2.8yrs old)

I love these designs they are so nice to work on. I think I am Natalie bird addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sorry about the poor photos)

I am happy to say that my paperbag parcel has landed in it's final destinaton. So happy I was starting to think that the boat it was on sank but MooMoo has it now so I can rest easy. Can't wait until the 1st of march for opening day.
I also have sent off my seeds and fq so the only swaps I have now is the pin cushion and the friendship block which i am up to date with.

Back to my stitching
Geniene XXX
Today was my Mum's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Mum

Love you

Gill's Bag

I gave Gill her bag on Tuesday. I think she liked it. I like it. Think I may have to do one for me. Maybe. Oneday. Hahaha

Till next time

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My February Project Finished!!!

I am happy to say that the bag I was making for my dearest bestest friend Gillian (she hates that!!!!!) is finished. It's about 11.35 on sunday night and it's done. Tomorrow I need to iron it and photograph it and I can give it to her!!!!
I hope to post a few pics tomorrow

Till next time G xxxxx

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In the process

I have a couple of things on the go (well alot of things) but the two I am currently trying to finish are the Paperbag swap from the craft forum for Moo Moo. This is what it looks like so far (well it's a secret and I can't give away to much!!)

or it could look like this ----->

???? Who knows???

The other thing I am working on is my Best friend and daughters baby sitters Christmas present. Yes I know Christmas has been and gone but she is VERY understanding!!!

so far it looks like this. The design is from Natalie bird's Fairyland book. Beautiful!!!!

XXX Geniene

Butterfly FINISHED

I finished this butterfly on wednesday. This is one of the potholders I started before christmas.
I borrowed my Nephew's camera last week for a party we had to go to so I thought I'd put some pics on of what I've been up to. I was going to join the one project a month thingy but sign up has closed but that's ok I can do it myself. So this is my February one finished!!!
Take care
Geniene XX

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

These are the wall hangings I made the girls for Christmas.
On Christmas day Rhiannon somehow broke the screen on my camera so any pics I put on until I get a new one may be a bit dodgy!!! This pic was taken before. I'm missing not being able to view the pic especially as I have 3 stripy bags of baby and little girls clothes to put on eBay.
I am happy to say that I only have one more stitchery block to do and that's mine so it can wait a bit. I have also done 4 friendship blocks.
I have to finish off Blake's quilt (have gone off it a bit) and theres a new MBOM in Homespun that I like and a few of the girls are doing that I would like to do but that will have to wait.
Until next time Geniene XXX