Thursday, February 26, 2009

Starting something for Renny

A couple of days ago I started this stitchery which is another one from the Natalie bird book Fairyland. This is going to be the pillow sham to match Rhiannon's quilt. I haven't started that yet but I have most of the materials just need the 35 hour week they have been talking about on the forum. Every time I start something Renny asks me "that mine quilt Mum?" at least i have been able to say "Yes Bub that's for your pillow" she said "that's cute" (she's cute crazy and 2.8yrs old)

I love these designs they are so nice to work on. I think I am Natalie bird addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sorry about the poor photos)

I am happy to say that my paperbag parcel has landed in it's final destinaton. So happy I was starting to think that the boat it was on sank but MooMoo has it now so I can rest easy. Can't wait until the 1st of march for opening day.
I also have sent off my seeds and fq so the only swaps I have now is the pin cushion and the friendship block which i am up to date with.

Back to my stitching
Geniene XXX


Margarita said...

Lovely work, and your mother and daughter (?) photo is great.

Renny's little things said...

Thanks Marg
It's one of those take a pic of yourself photos.I think it turned out pretty good.
I looked like her when I was little so poor thing I wish she could stay young so she stays beautiful

barb's creations said...

I love the stitcheries you're working on,very delicate and pretty.You'll get there in the end.Barb

miss~nance said...

Lovely work Geniene. Love your blog pic also.