Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday girls

Annabels 3 today!!! that's Renny's best friend.
Renny's 3 tomorrow!!!!

I have been busy in the sweat shop making pj pants for Renny, Annabel, Lilly and Becy.
Lilly and Becy were 3 at the beginning of the month and they got a pair of pj's each and an owl. I made these the night before the parties so I forgot to take pics befor I wrapped them!! (stoopid me)
This weekend we have bben celebrating Annabel and Rhiannon's 3rd b'day and once again I fofrgot to take pics of Annabels things. Lucky Renny's got the same so I'll get her to modle for me. I also made Annabel a baby carrier that i will get her Mum to get a pic of!! So cute how much these little girls pick up.

We had a little get together and I took 2 photos. Wonder what's going on with me I'm normally Miss Fugi????

Till nexttime Take care

Dawn's Giveaway


2009 © Dawn Hay -

Dawn is having a give away. Check it out how cool is that. I wonder if I could fit my laura star in that bag???

Have fun GXX

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One a Day Quilt along

I have joined in the one a day quilt along over at now I just need to remember to quilt along.
We are up to day 8 so I guess I am offically behind but I will catch up by Thursday. I promise.

Till Next time
Geniene XX

Monday, May 4, 2009

Coat hanger Swap

I joined in the Coat hanger swap on the craft forum.

I sent to Kimba4 . This coat hanger was whipped up in about 2 hours and is very effective i think so much so we (Renny and I) have come in our cupboards. I had some little coat hangers left from the peg bag swap. Renny just loves pretty little things.

Renny has even laid claim to the hanger that Bec (Purpled2) sent to me. It has Flutterfly's on it so it must be hers she said!!!!

I have more stuff to catch up on so I will be back to post some more soon
Til next time
Geniene XXX

I just signed Rhiannon up to this Swap. It will be here first swap and she'll get some nice mail. You all know how exciting it is to get mail and think about that when your only Three.
Sign up's are open to kids aged 2-12 years & they will be sending/recieving mail from other kids of a similar age.Sign Ups close on Monday the 11th of May & mail must be posted by Monday 25th of May. So if you know your kids would enjoy this go over to and join in the kids fun

Have a good day
Geniene XX