Monday, December 14, 2009


Today I update my Blog!!!!! Woohoo

My warning is there are a few different things in there. Things I have been working on for a little while. I haven't really finished much as I have been working on Rhiannon's fairy land quilt and the Noah's ark BOM. I was making the Noah's ark bom for a little friend of mine. He was born at 24 weeks gestation on the 30Th of October and sadly he passed away last week. He fought so hard to survive and now I don't want to finish the little quilt. Hope one day I will feel like doing it again.
So today I am trying to get Lucky's last pressies finished. I have told the littlest one that it can't come out until Auntie Lucky's stuff is finished but keep telling it to get out of there so the poor little must be confused!!!! Nearly there.
Tomorrow I will be going off line again as my puto is still a little under the weather and has to go back to the Puto doctor. Maybe that was the inspiration to get my blog a little up-to-date.
I will try to get some pics of the fairly land quilt and my big baby belly on here before the puto goes.

Christmas Aprons

This year for Annabel and Harrison I made cooking Aprons. I also put some mini utensils in the pocket. Rhiannon is getting one too but didn't have time to finish hers yet. Annabel was excited to have a cooking apron and mixers. I can't believe how much of a dag my girl can be!!! She is in the blue top. I think she is part hippy.....
until I'm back again
Take Care
Geniene XX

Jungle Babies Joint Gift

My best friend Gill and I made a quilt for Simon and Michelle's baby. We started in August 09 and finished it November about a week (not even) before the baby was born. I did all the hand applique of the animals and the label on the back while Gill joined the quilt top, quilted it and did the binding. Lots of back and forth but it turned out really well. The cost was spread between the two of us by using materials we both had or choosing stuff for it together. So little baby Charlotte Hicks has a beautiful quilt to keep for ever.
The quilt is "Jungle Babies" by Desiree's Designs
Until my next post take care
Geniene XXX

Ricks Birthday present

I made this placemat for my Stepdad Rick's birthday. He is mad about fishing but never catchs anything. My Mum is the fisher person she keeps the team going. I changer the name on it and used the numbers which are on their boat. Little did I know that they have changed with the new QLD rego but he was abit chuffed that I went to all the effort and loves it anyway.

Till my next post Take care


Michelle's Baby shower gift

This is a play mat I made Michelle for her baby shower back in October. Glutton for punishment I decided I wanted to make this and the baby shower was on the Saturday and it was Monday night. Got it done though!!!!
Till my next post
Take care