Monday, December 14, 2009

Jungle Babies Joint Gift

My best friend Gill and I made a quilt for Simon and Michelle's baby. We started in August 09 and finished it November about a week (not even) before the baby was born. I did all the hand applique of the animals and the label on the back while Gill joined the quilt top, quilted it and did the binding. Lots of back and forth but it turned out really well. The cost was spread between the two of us by using materials we both had or choosing stuff for it together. So little baby Charlotte Hicks has a beautiful quilt to keep for ever.
The quilt is "Jungle Babies" by Desiree's Designs
Until my next post take care
Geniene XXX


suzie said...

Love the quilt. Well done.

Gloria said...

Very cute! nice job

Margarita said...

Wow Geniene, those animals look like could walk right off the quilt they are beautifully done.