Monday, March 8, 2010

My Sewing Space

A little while ago Leanne (Lucky) showed us her sewing room. So here is my Slaundry thats sewing room/laundry!!! Now it's been cleaned up a little since these pics but still it's a mess!! So bad that my sewing machine is on the dining table in the dining room we don't use, I cut out in the kitchen/family room and most of the time that is where I sew. I am constantly lugging the machine from room to room. Just depends on what mod my Hubby is in as to if I pack up properly!!! Here is my space
So I also do my iorning in here. That's what is hanging on the door. On the left (on the floor) I have my boxes of machine embroidery cottons, then a basket with material. At the end is my sewing cabinet minus the sewing machine. The laundry tub is in the back righthand corner full of Rhiannon's craft stuff and the buckets. Then the washing machine,bin, Ironing board and finally a cupboard which has all the laundry stuff, more material and all the other junk or crap as hubby calls it!!!!
(the blue and white garbage bag has hand-me-down clothes for Rhiannon that I had to wash. Got to love hand me downs)

Geoff put up the shelf for me to put my magazines on. Last week I spent a couple of days going through all my Australian Country Threads, Patchwork and Stitching, all those special ones they do ETC and cut out all the projects I liked/wanted/thought I may oneday do and put then into those floders with the plastic sleeves. I have reduced may magazine collection down from 8 mag boxes and two draws to 5 Mag boxes and 1 mag box of folders. It is amazing how many ads and junk is in one of those magazines.
so until next time take care
Geniene XX


Tozz said...

I like your name for your sewing room.....slaundry heheheh. I think mine would have to be slounge. Thanks for showing us :)

clare's craftroom said...

Slaundry ! Great name !

Lucky-1 said...

Your "slaundry" is so cool...... just watch you don't drop your sewing machine as you lug it round. I am always so scared when I do this as I'm such a klutz.

Congrats fop showing off your "slaundry" :)

Karen's Korner said...

Just goes to show that us girls can create where ever. Thanks for sharing "your space" with us.