Monday, March 22, 2010


I didn't get to do any sewing this weekend so i fail at the Friday night sew-in. See my excuse is that my best friend on nearly 18 years and her family have left me and are on their journey to start their new life in Cairns. I said I didn't care, I said I wouldn't cry but I do care and I did cry. It hurts.
Friday night we spent with Them and some of our other wonderful friends eating homemade pizza's at Kane and Jo's. We all had a lovely and long night.
Saturday night Geoff, My Dad, Rhiannon, Isaac and my self went to Skyfire which is a big annual fireworks show which is by our Lake Burley Griffin. We took a chook and some bread rolls and had a picnic by the lake. Another great night.
Sunday was spent relaxing as I have the flu. I didn't even have the energy to hand sew.
Tomorrow night I am back at work so I have made myself a promise that every Friday will be my sew-in night.

Till next time Geniene XX

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