Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three finished

Over the past few weeks I have been working on Isaac's stitcheries for his Boy's Story quilt. I had traced out a few and have now finished them. I finished these three over the last couple of days. Now on to more tracing. I like to get a few done at once so I always have stitching to do. While I'm at it today I'm going to trace out the new Homespun BOM blocks and try to get up to date with them so I can do it as a month to month like it is supposed to be!!!
I also need to do all the Sashiko stitching on this for my Mum.
Rhiannon is the little model !
And finally a finish!!! I made this little quilt
for Rhiannons doll Petal. Rhiannon has told me Petal loves her quilt but it's to small can she have another one bit bigger!!! Some people are are never happy.

Now I am off to trace, then take Rhiannon to school, Isaac to the clinic and hopefully back to trace some more before cooking dinner, bathing the kids and going to work!!! Yep back to work tonight 8pm till Midnight!!!!
Till next time Geniene xxx


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Geniene, love the stitcheries and the quilts. That little model is gorgeous!! I bet your little man is just as sweet!

Elena said...

I just found your blog and see you're making the quilt Downs "A Boy's Story"
I am also doing (it's fantastic!), And there are some people I have met in Spain with this same work.
I created a blog to show our progress.
You may want to go through there, and if you want to join our group, we are also happy to publish your photos on this job.
Just send us a message and copy to your blog's logo "A boy's story"
A hug from Spain.

Debs said...

Geniene you have been very busy since I last came and visited. Great work going on in your sewing room.