Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm on holidays and it's raining

I am in queensland at my folks place and it's raining. Yesterday I went to The Stitching Angel at Forest Glen and it's beautiful. The nicest little shop i've been in for a long time. The staff and regulars are so nice. I was agood girl and bought one pattern and two threads. When we got home i went to look at my pattern and the threads were missing!!!! Oh NO!!!! I rang this morning and they were accidently left there so off we went to pick them up!!! Yeh happy again.

Tonight I only have Isaac as Rhiannon is having a sleep over with Uncle Chris and the Kids on Bribie Island. Mum, Rhiannon, Isaac and I went to the Bribie quilters exhibition this morning. Some nice quilts,some were for sale, some were well priced, some not. We had a little play with this fan dangle quilting machine that cost only $16 wait for it $16000. Only!!! If only!!! It was nice....It was fun.... Even my Mum (who only sews when she has too on the 20 year old Janome) had a go and she liked it!!!! If only.... I will try to find a pic and post it when I get home..

Before I left home I won my first ever blog give away. Thanks Bec... My hubbie told me today I got mail from Lawson so I guess thats from Bec. I will post about that when i get home too.

Tomorrow we are off to Yandina. Monday we will be going to Montville and Melany apparantly there's nice craft shops there...

Till next time Geniene

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