Sunday, June 27, 2010


All I wanted to do was add Isaac's name to the title and I stuffed it all up and ended up here. Not sure that I like this back ground but dont know how to back to my old one.

Till next time Geniene


Margarita said...

Try again Geneine, you will get there. Are you going to put a photo with all three of you or leave the one you have? I vote for all three of you.

clare's craftroom said...

I know how annoying it is , don't worry you'll get it !

Robyn said...

I wanted to change mine a teensy bit last week and it took me about 2 hours! Don't let blogger bug you as you can undo it. I discovered it doesn't like imported blog backgrounds and now I wish I'd thought to make a few notes for myself and other 'challenged' bloggers.