Friday, June 25, 2010

Dee Dee the Dolphin has a Friend

But not for long...............
Whipped up another dolphin tonight for our Little Friend Miss Molly who turned one today. She's having a little party tomorrow.

This is Molly's Dee Dee hanging out with Rhiannon's Dee Dee. Molly's is the one with the flower in her hair. Rhiannon wants to swap......She likes the Spot's cause Spot is our fish and well a dolphin is a fish........(those are her words)
I'll try to get a happy snap of Miss Molly and her Dee Dee (if she is not too busy bieng the party girl)
Till next time
Geniene XxXx


Karen's Korner said...

Love those dolphis and I am sure Miss Molly willlove hers too

miss~nance said...

How gorgeous are your dolphins.