Friday, July 23, 2010

Renny meets the Dentist

20 beautiful well looked after teeth.........
Why do dentists ask you questions when
they have their hands in your mouth?
TNT G xx

Did I hear you say........

Not another Dolphin..............

Yep another dolphin.................
And I think if you are a friend of Renny's and you are a girl and you have a birthday your going to get a dolphin!!!!
Oh and Poppy wants a dolphin, Grandma wants a dolphin, Kate wants a dolphin!!!!! Isaac should get one too I guess. I may open a dolphin processing plant... one of the nice kind....
So here's Seona-Kai's dolphin. She is 5 tomorrow. Renny and Isaac are going to her Dress-up party tomorrow (which reminds me make Ren more dress up outfits) and she's lucky to be getting a dolphin. I made it tonight. I'm good at that. Geniene has a great idea "let's make a quilt for ______ It's their birthday in a week! I can do it! 3am just a little more 4am oh it's finished now to sleep... lays down... can't sleep... did I do? is that done? oh time to get up..... Geniene dosn't enjoy herself cause she is so tired... If you know me personnally i know your saying "Yep that's Geniene"  
So my Friday night Sew-in was a little sucessful!!!! and the little flower is one of the flowers I got in my suprise from Robyn. Thanks Robyn..
Till next time
Geniene XXXX 
Edited to Add : Little did I know that Seona's favourite toy is a little grey dolphin. She said her new dolphin was so beautiful and she loved it. I'm so happy I had time to just whip one up...

My wins arrived

Look at these beautiful things.................
My gifts from Robyn
My Blush win from Dawn
Till next time
Geniene xxxx

The Ugly Quilt

The Ugly Quilt
This quilt was originally going to be for my Gran but now I'm not sure!! We (my hubbie and I) have nick named it the ugly quilt.... He said it was an old peoples quilt or 'Something' his Mum would have made..
So finally the 'Hearts and Strings' quilt is finished. It's about a metre square.
When I found the pattern I wanted to make it for my friends wedding in september. The orignial pattern is in maroon and green. For Isabel I'm going to do it in burgandy and a dark green which I think may look better. The fabric I used to make 'The Ugly Quilt' i got from spotties for $2 per metre so in all it didn't cost to much. 
I think I must be getting old cause I like it?!?! 
So let me know what you think of 'The Ugly Quilt'
Till next post
Geniene XXXX

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Must be my week

I just got and email from Robyn to say that I'm getting a little gift from her for being her 10th follower!!!
I must be on a roll will buy Me a ticket in the lotto Me thinks....
Thanks Robyn

Till next time
Geniene XXXX

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


No it's not twins

I won!!! I entered Dawn's blush giveaway and Mr RNG picked me!!!! Yeh oh yeh (doing the happy dance)

A pattern of Dawns blush quilt and
a Blush charm pack. Thats going to be for ME..... I said Me not Rhiannon..... Me

Thanks Dawn I love it.....

(doing the happy dance doing the happy dance) Oh better go email Dawn with my snail mail before I forget

Till next time Geniene


I'm gonna be an Aunty again!!! Well great Aunt but I always was the Great Aunt!!!!
I've also been told it's going to be a boy!!! That means another quilt (any boy ideas)
and this one I am excited about.

Till next time

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Rhiannon is so talented..... She can do this....
Isaac thought she was being silly
but they love each other

My Beautiful Littlies
Till next time
Geniene XXX