Tuesday, July 13, 2010


No it's not twins

I won!!! I entered Dawn's blush giveaway and Mr RNG picked me!!!! Yeh oh yeh (doing the happy dance)

A pattern of Dawns blush quilt and
a Blush charm pack. Thats going to be for ME..... I said Me not Rhiannon..... Me

Thanks Dawn I love it.....

(doing the happy dance doing the happy dance) Oh better go email Dawn with my snail mail before I forget

Till next time Geniene


sandra said...

well done, Geniene, I would have loved to be the winner!!

Lucky-1 said...

Dances around the room with you....congrats as I won a honey bun and a turnover is a give away this week too:)

Its a real high when we win isn't it:D

Michell said...

Lucky you...well done ♥