Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hexi Flower swap

We all have hexi fever on the forum. Some nice flowers are starting to poop up just in time for spring.. The Green and white one is the one i recieved from Jeanette (Banksia Grange) and the blue one is the one i sent to Bec (Purpled2). They are very pretty and addictive.

Thoughts are popping up every time I look at mine as to what they will be. Once a few more are collected and I add some of my own I will start on my masterplan 1 ( i have a few)

No more posts for today!!!!!
Till next time

So what sewing go done???

Not alot...

I finished off another one of Isaac's stitcheries

I also got the leaves sewn down on two of the hearts and string blocks. If only i had more me time!!!

till next time
Cheers Geniene XX

The Mogo Zoo and The Beach

Monday we headed off to the Mogo Zoo. While we were looking at the otters a Asian lady from Sinapore asked Geoff if she could hold Isaac. Geoff let her and her kids took some pics. A little while later she came back with a Kangaroo toy for Isaac to say thanks. Rhiannon saw what was going on and came over asking "where's mine" in one of those whinning voices. We told her the lady got it for Zacy man. She got over it and off we went our next stop the white lions

She wasn't to sure about this at first

This is Irene the lady who loved Isaac

Girrafers are my favourite. This one understood 'Hey You'

Cute little monkey Family!!!

This is the unique Rhiannon Monkey
So we spent a few hours wandering areound the zoo until Daddy's leg could no longer handle it and we were all pretty hungry. We went back to the Bay and got the making for lunch and dinner and then headed back for a little lunch and a rest.
That afternoon we headed for the beach to build sandcastles.
Tuesday we went down to Moyrua for a look and we were going to have lunch but I started to feel sick so we headed back to be nearer the house. We went to the beach for some more sandcastle building and shell hunting.

Kiss me please................

there was also some window cleaning and i got to do alittle stitching. Not enough though

Till next time
Geniene XX

The Coast

We are lucky enough to have family who have a coast house at Malua Bay which is on the South Coast near Batemans Bay. They let us use it for a few days. On the Sunday we arrived they took us down to Broulee to spot some whales that were playing just off the rocks (no good pics but so exciting)
Mum and a calf
These are thw watchers apparantley there is always a couple of
males that sit and watch the babys  
This was about as playful as he got. He was sooooo BIG
Rhiannon said these look like beautiful pearls

John, Tess, Rhiannon and Geoff

I really got to go on a diet

Tessa is 15 and Rhiannon is 4
So that was sunday at Broulee. John, Jen and Tessa headed back to canberra from here and we went back to the beach house and had lunch and a little relax...

Next time the Beach and the zoo
Cheers for now Geniene


Friday Night Sew In was on the 20th and because we were going to the coast on the sunday it was all about preparation for me. I am going to a wedding at the end of september so I got some of the quilt done. I got all the applique blocks done and the 5 other blocks stitched on the machine. Have to blanket stitch all the hearts and leaves down. They are meant to be needle turn but NT and I don't seem to get along. I think I'm a blanket stitch junkie!!!!!
Its the same as the ugly Quilt but the colour has change the look. The original in the book are in a light green and the hearts are 4 different burgandays. I must say I am liking this one much more than the last!!!!
I also traced out about 30 of these little hexagon christmas decorations. Maybe jumping ahead of myself what was i thinking I would have loads of spare time?
So then after I had done all of them I thought Thats not going to be enough so i got the first applique block of Isaac's Boy Story cut and applifixed down. This is also meant to be NT but as I did Rhiannons Fairyland quilt blanket stitch I'm going to do this one the same.

So until next time I better start stitching!!!!
Cheers Geniene

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here Chook Chook Chook

Who likes chicken stuffing?

Till next time
Geniene xxX

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Blog Swap

I joined in the Friends Swap over at Sew Prim Khris. I saw a post that Leanne did and thought it would be fun. So it's all Lucky's fault!!!
My partner is Lisa and I have to make/send her 7 gifts starting with the letters of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It will be very interesting I think.......

Till next time Geniene

I just need to put this here for me!! You know so I have a little idea

F - fat quarter, fabric, felted animal, felted needlebook, friends mini photo/scrap album
R - Ric Rac, Ribbon, Red fabric, Ring, Rose candles or hand cream, Rub-ons for scrappers
I - Inspiration (craft or quilt magazine), Inches(tape measure or quilting ruler), Interesting Item
E - Egg Cup,Envelopes (personsalised), Ear-rings, Englebreit fabric
N - Notions, Needles, Needlecase, Notebook, Necklace,
D - Dark Chocolate, die cut letters for scrappers, doll, diary,
S - Sewing thread, Sewing case, Scrapbooking paper, Something Special,

(Saturday night...just sent off my first email)


I have the way that you put pics on her now. WHat used to take a couple of minutes to do now takes me hours cause every time i want to change it the pics end up wherever they feel not where i want!!!!!

Craft Show buys!!!

These are Rhiannons buys from the
Craft Spot stall (except the scrapbook paper thats for a friend)
Some of them she said she got for me!!! What a sweetie. She once again picked some nice terial. Green is her favourite colour!
I finally found the Florini fusible soluble tearaway stabiliser which sounds like it contradicts itself!!! I will give it ago hope its good cause i found it a bit expensive. Also got some Nikki Tervo buttons. The dolphin I am going to use on Isaac's quilt. The green and orange fat quarters i got for his quilt aswell and the red for the one i would like to do for my brother which has 25 different shades of red!!  
And so daddy didn't feel left out we got him this teatowel. He had a laugh!!!

Really we didn't spend that much or get a lot.

After leaving the fair we went to Maccas for lunch then we went to Calico Patch @ Gold Creek where I got some of the other stuff I wanted but couldn't find at the Craft Fair.

I got the sewline Glue pen that i wanted and 30cm of three fabrics for Isaac's quilt. I think I only have a few more colours to get then I 'm sure I will have to many fabrics. I reall y need to start the big applique panels. Only have 2 years left to get it done!!!! (took me 12 months to make Rhiannon's fairy land quilt she got when she was 3 1/4).
So that's my craft fair experience for 2010.
Till next time take care
Geniene XXX

Craft Show

Last saturday Rhiannon and I went to the craft show. I was a little disapointed with as it was nowhere as good a previous years but we had a good girlie day anyway.
This is Nikki Tervo's stall. She was the lady who did the trunk show i went to. It was a tad bit busy but we got some nice buttons.

Nikki brought all the stuff hanging on the walls to the trunk show the night before. She only had an hour to get it all back up on saturday morning before the doors opened!!!

Rhiannon found a stall called 'Craft Spot'. She spent about $14 here and got a bag full of stuff. She even bought me some stuff!!
She looked so cute waiting inline to pay
We then went to look at the pretty quilts

in my next post I will show you what we got!!!
Till next time G XX

Friday, August 6, 2010

I went to a trunk show!!!

A trunk show is like show and tell!!
My back door neighbour works at one of our local patchwork shops Calico Patch at Gold Creek. She invited me to come out to the shop for a trunk show by Nicky Tervo. She has the nicest handmade ceramic buttons and some beautiful patterns. I was good a only got two patterns and I also got a door prize. She gave me a nice ceramic brooch that says "Fabric Addict". I had my camera but didn't take a pic. I will take some of her stand at the craft fair tomorrow. Renny and I are off to the 'craftup show' in the morning. Isaac is staying home with Daddy and were having some girlie time.
I will post some pics and my (hopefully) bargin buys tomorrow arvo or sunday.......
till next time
Take care Geniene