Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Coast

We are lucky enough to have family who have a coast house at Malua Bay which is on the South Coast near Batemans Bay. They let us use it for a few days. On the Sunday we arrived they took us down to Broulee to spot some whales that were playing just off the rocks (no good pics but so exciting)
Mum and a calf
These are thw watchers apparantley there is always a couple of
males that sit and watch the babys  
This was about as playful as he got. He was sooooo BIG
Rhiannon said these look like beautiful pearls

John, Tess, Rhiannon and Geoff

I really got to go on a diet

Tessa is 15 and Rhiannon is 4
So that was sunday at Broulee. John, Jen and Tessa headed back to canberra from here and we went back to the beach house and had lunch and a little relax...

Next time the Beach and the zoo
Cheers for now Geniene

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miss~nance said...

Love this neck of the woods. Sounds like you had a great time.
Hugs & Blessing