Friday, August 13, 2010

Craft Show buys!!!

These are Rhiannons buys from the
Craft Spot stall (except the scrapbook paper thats for a friend)
Some of them she said she got for me!!! What a sweetie. She once again picked some nice terial. Green is her favourite colour!
I finally found the Florini fusible soluble tearaway stabiliser which sounds like it contradicts itself!!! I will give it ago hope its good cause i found it a bit expensive. Also got some Nikki Tervo buttons. The dolphin I am going to use on Isaac's quilt. The green and orange fat quarters i got for his quilt aswell and the red for the one i would like to do for my brother which has 25 different shades of red!!  
And so daddy didn't feel left out we got him this teatowel. He had a laugh!!!

Really we didn't spend that much or get a lot.

After leaving the fair we went to Maccas for lunch then we went to Calico Patch @ Gold Creek where I got some of the other stuff I wanted but couldn't find at the Craft Fair.

I got the sewline Glue pen that i wanted and 30cm of three fabrics for Isaac's quilt. I think I only have a few more colours to get then I 'm sure I will have to many fabrics. I reall y need to start the big applique panels. Only have 2 years left to get it done!!!! (took me 12 months to make Rhiannon's fairy land quilt she got when she was 3 1/4).
So that's my craft fair experience for 2010.
Till next time take care
Geniene XXX


Robyn said...

Nice group of goodies you 2 bought. Renny has a good 'eye' for things. So...when is Renny receiving her own little sewing machine as you've passed your quilting bug on to her? LOL.

Renny's little things said...

We have a little sewing machine but she's a little bit crazy for that yet. I help her to sew by sitting her on my lap. I have a little control that way. she has done some hand stitching... not real good at that but she tries...