Friday, August 6, 2010

I went to a trunk show!!!

A trunk show is like show and tell!!
My back door neighbour works at one of our local patchwork shops Calico Patch at Gold Creek. She invited me to come out to the shop for a trunk show by Nicky Tervo. She has the nicest handmade ceramic buttons and some beautiful patterns. I was good a only got two patterns and I also got a door prize. She gave me a nice ceramic brooch that says "Fabric Addict". I had my camera but didn't take a pic. I will take some of her stand at the craft fair tomorrow. Renny and I are off to the 'craftup show' in the morning. Isaac is staying home with Daddy and were having some girlie time.
I will post some pics and my (hopefully) bargin buys tomorrow arvo or sunday.......
till next time
Take care Geniene

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