Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Friday Night Sew In was on the 20th and because we were going to the coast on the sunday it was all about preparation for me. I am going to a wedding at the end of september so I got some of the quilt done. I got all the applique blocks done and the 5 other blocks stitched on the machine. Have to blanket stitch all the hearts and leaves down. They are meant to be needle turn but NT and I don't seem to get along. I think I'm a blanket stitch junkie!!!!!
Its the same as the ugly Quilt but the colour has change the look. The original in the book are in a light green and the hearts are 4 different burgandays. I must say I am liking this one much more than the last!!!!
I also traced out about 30 of these little hexagon christmas decorations. Maybe jumping ahead of myself what was i thinking I would have loads of spare time?
So then after I had done all of them I thought Thats not going to be enough so i got the first applique block of Isaac's Boy Story cut and applifixed down. This is also meant to be NT but as I did Rhiannons Fairyland quilt blanket stitch I'm going to do this one the same.

So until next time I better start stitching!!!!
Cheers Geniene

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Eme Creations said...

Hi, I think blanket stitch is great. And it looks just as good as NT. I started a baltimore years ago. Lets just say it has been relegated to the bottom of my WIP pile :-)