Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Completely Finished

I am hap hap happy to say that the quilt for Isabels wedding this weekend is completely finished. I spent this afternoon sewing on the labels while Rhiannon was at school. This has to be a first for me to have a quilt done with a few sleeps left!!! Normally I am doing it the night before.... what am I going to do on friday night?? I have lots to get done.
Robyn (Farmnan) has made me a custom card to go with the quilt. I'm sure my friend Isabel will be very happy with their present and card. And thanks Robyn for the beautiful card.
Till next time Geniene XX


Vicki ♥ said...

It is really lovely Geniene and I am sure the happy couple will love it :)

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt in these colors you did a great job.i'm sure the couple will love it

Robyn said...

Gosh it did turn out to be custom as I didn't know you were doing a quilt with hearts on it :O! That has to be good Karma for their marriage :). It's a lovely quilt in lovely colours!

Lucky-1 said...

Just beautiful:)

creativedawn said...

Hi there!

That quilt is gorgeous! The couple will love it!