Saturday, October 16, 2010


My little great nephew TY was born last night at 10.36 weighing around 5 pound and 45cm long. He is 6 weeks early......we are all a tad excited....My brother-in-law rang about 9am this morning to tell us the news but due to the wonderful world of facebook we knew already and his bubble got a little deflated!!!!

I only have one block of Ty's quilt finished but it's ok I still have 6 weeks till he is due!!!!!

Hope to get to see him today so a pic will come soon
Till next time
G xxxx

P.s My 20 year school reunion ins on tonight....How old do I feel?


Robyn said...

Ty is about the same dimensions as my eldest DD was when she was born...6 weeks early. Lol, so you can't always leave things till the 11th hour! He won't need his quilt just yet as he'd be lost in a pillowslip at the moment :).
How old do you feel? About 10 years younger than me I guess, give or take a couple of years :P.

Melody said...

Congratulations to you all.