Monday, November 29, 2010

Make a list Monday

The plan is to mark all the items off my list lets see if it can be done.......
  1. bags for the girls and one for me = 3 Finished the 3 bags for the girls now just need to make one for me but that can wait till next year
  2. rest of my advent gifts 18-24 (19,20 and 25 is done)
  3. Gifts for Rhiannons playschool teachers  = 3
  4. Gifts for one really special lady
  5. hexi flowers finished PBPatch's hexi
  6. framed hexi
  7. scruffy santa
so that is my list lets see how I go
Till next time G xx


Robyn said...

He he he, is there a finish date on these?

Renny's little things said...

just to try and get as many done in the week and whats left goes on the top of the next weeks list!!!