Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Broken Rule means no present

Today Rhiannon broke the first rule of the christmas tree (don't touch) She know's the rules so she didn't get to open her present today (I will keep it until christmas day) But Isaac and I got to open ours in front of her..... I got a sholder bag and Isaac got a bigger hammer. He had fun beating Rhiannon with his present!!!!
Tomorrow evening we fly to brisbane so today when I am meant to be packing and cleaning I am tracing out the stitcheries on another quilt!!! I will never learn but I am going to get this done over the holidays. I have a few other little things to take as well and my hexis
So I better get to it and I have asked Santa for a Round Tuit for christmas. I hope I get one................
next time Geniene

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