Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Finishes and three down

I have finished my coin quilt, washed it and now waiting to give it a little press before a pic. Finally. I put the top and back together in a weekend then took two months to finish it!! AND I had all the stuff.... No excuse really.

border fabric was in my stash and matched
peiced back using some of the leftovers

Today I also finished a little bear for Luckys Huggle drive. He turned out cute...a little wonky but he is worthy of a huggle. I also finished stuffing a chicken that I had 3 parts stuffed (a fair few months ago) just need to get some more done and they will be heading over to Adelaide...
We are waiting patiently to go to Adelaide

and my last finish which is the best one for me is a dummy clip for Isaac (hope now he will just sleep through) we lost his other one at Australia Zoo just after new year. I have put it off and thought todays the day
I will post pics later
Till then Geniene


rubyslipperz said...

You put me to shame! All the work of a young little family and me just an "empty nester".

Congrats on your finishes. I would love to see pics

visit me?

Lucky-1 said...

Oh I can't wait to see the little HUGGLES. Thanks Hon:)

Chris H said...

Chick that bag is officially called a 'Stay Open Bag'... someone in Aussy lays claim to it's pattern... BUT... shussssh.. you can go to my blog ( and find it!
Go to the post called "Pattern for CUTE BAG ... dated October 23rd 2010... it's there.