Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sew It's Finished UFO Challange

I joined Wendy and Dawn on their new blog Sew It's Finished UFO Challange 2011. I have to write myself a list and put it on my side bar. That means I need to clean the Slaundry!!!!
I do know a couple of things off the top of my head so I will start and add to it
  1. Isaac's Bay story quilt
  2. Dawns blush quilt that I won the pattern and fabric for ages ago. Have drawn the templates on to the iron on florini stuff
  3. the coin quilt I sarted last year
  4. the That girl That quilt that I started at the end of last year Finished 10/2/2011
  5. stitchery I started middle of last year
  6. the little christmas hexagon decorations I started in june hope they will be done for next christmas
so that's my list started
Cherrs till next time


Robyn said...

He he, I've started organising my WIP's into large snap lock bags. I figure if I cut out all the remaining pieces and have the bags labelled it won't seem so daunting as I can just grab a bag and sew.

Angie said...

Great job with your FNSI -- I like your title, So It's Finished!

Highland Monkey's said...

Wow thats a lot of WIP's to keep you going for a bit! Hope you meet your targets. :0)