Monday, March 21, 2011

Tannika's 4th Birthday

Rhiannon's little friend Tannika turned 4 on the 8th of March. She had a little party and her present request was for a my little pony and a Giraffe. Melly and Me saved the day with their Giraffe pattern and a pretty girl giraffe entered the world

What do you think those eyes are saying??
Another Giraffe or 2 are on the list

Till then Geniene XXX

Hexis gone mad

This is the beautiful hexi I recieved from Jane in Indinana
These are from Jane the hexi Queen
The card has the most beautiful quilts on it. I would like a couple of them for my bed!!!
and this one is from Mommaduck from the forum

This is my little collection of flowers which is the ones I have recieved from both the swaps I'm in and the ones I have made my self. I have seen a nice quilt in the Vingette mag that I would like to make out them. There is 41 flowers on this pile and the 'single' quilt in the mag has 149 flowers and I think 57 white embroidered connecting hexis........2 deliemmas 1 is that I would want a double or queen to go on my own bed.....which means a heap more flowers and deliemma 2 is I have had this crazy idea of making my Aunt a quilt for her 50th which I would use 50 flowers and add another round of green then a round of white.... now that's all good and well but obviously I would have to take out all the ones I have recieved from you and all the green ones leaving me with only 22 lovely little flowers. I think it is going to take me years to get my own hexi madness quilt!!!! What would you do????

Cheers Geniene

Framed hexi and Mug Wrap and Coaster Swap

This is the hexi I sent to SewSue in South Africa

I went in the Mug Wrap and Coaster swap on the forum and this is the one Norma sent me

and the one I sent to Norma

it was a cute little swap and fun to do..
For now Cheers Geniene xx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Challanged and a finish for the boy

My Bf in Cairns challanged me to a BOM quilt and to use only is february' block and yes it was finished in Feb!!!
It's a Natalie bird design called 'A Wonderful Life' and this block is called 'Encourage Love'

In Feb I also finally got one of Isaac's boy story blocks together. I have neally all the fabric cut out and just need to finish 3 more of the little stitcheries and 5 big applique blocks

Just need to get the BOM mojo back and keep going to get it done!!!!

So till next time
Take care
Geniene xxx