Monday, March 21, 2011

Hexis gone mad

This is the beautiful hexi I recieved from Jane in Indinana
These are from Jane the hexi Queen
The card has the most beautiful quilts on it. I would like a couple of them for my bed!!!
and this one is from Mommaduck from the forum

This is my little collection of flowers which is the ones I have recieved from both the swaps I'm in and the ones I have made my self. I have seen a nice quilt in the Vingette mag that I would like to make out them. There is 41 flowers on this pile and the 'single' quilt in the mag has 149 flowers and I think 57 white embroidered connecting hexis........2 deliemmas 1 is that I would want a double or queen to go on my own bed.....which means a heap more flowers and deliemma 2 is I have had this crazy idea of making my Aunt a quilt for her 50th which I would use 50 flowers and add another round of green then a round of white.... now that's all good and well but obviously I would have to take out all the ones I have recieved from you and all the green ones leaving me with only 22 lovely little flowers. I think it is going to take me years to get my own hexi madness quilt!!!! What would you do????

Cheers Geniene

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