Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Today was a good friday indeed...Other than fighting this stomach bug that has been going around today was good. I managed to get all the little bits sewn together for isaac's boy story now I just have to do two stitcheries and about 5 Applique blocks to do. I have put another block together aswell.
Rhiannon has gone to her Aunt's for their annual good friday sleepover, Isaac is in bed and Geoff has gone to watch the footie so the house is mine. The plan is to get all the applique block peices cut out and stuck down so they can be portable and trace a couple of other things out.Oh and make a cushion for my neice Sian out of some fluffy stuff they gave me!!! She has out grown the fluff and the colours....I'll fix her....

so Hope to post some pics later of the progressHere's the pics of last nights efforts ...I'm off to get a cup of tea watch the end of better homes then it's on to the cutting....

Hope you had a good friday
Cheers Geniene

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Anonymous said...

We had that here too...hope you're all feeling better soon!