Friday, May 6, 2011

Todays Friday

Our house has been crazy all week. Isaac has turned into the devil...Standing on tables, chairs, lounges and beds. Oneday he may fall and learn a lesson. Every cupbord that he can open and that has stuff in it he empties. The place looks like a bomb has gone off and there not much that can be done because as soon as you fix it he is unfixing it..whilst scraming at the top of his lungs....
I have managed to get some of the ruined hexi's replace and sent (to avoid the same thing happening) so I sent to Edda for May and Hannewolff for June

May flowers for Edda
June flowers for Hannewolff

and today I am working on Narelle's flowers for April. I recieved and email from Jane yesterday and I promise they will be in the mail on monday.
This weekend I also need to work on
  1. The forum Designer swap for Michell in NZ
  2. the blocks for the flood quilts
  3. my monthly quota of hexi's to keep on track
  4. Life is beautiful blocks
  5. Challenge block from Gill
All that and tomorrow we have Rhiannons soccer and  on Sunday our preschool has a Bunnings BBQ with not enough parent volunteers so my hour is most probably going to turn into 3 or 4 hours...but it will benefit the preschool and Rhiannons education so I shouldn't winge!!!!
Cheers for now


Vanessa R said...

Nice hexies

Liz said...

Lovely hexis. can't see that anything has happened.

Renny's little things said...

Liz Those were the ones that were saved!!! the others are still waiting to see if I can fix them. I thought I may keep them for another time and use starch...
Cheers Geniene