Monday, July 25, 2011

Sick, Away and Finally

So much has been happening here since the Princess turned 5. It has been a constant of parties, sickness and Blah…Not at lot of sewing….but a lot of nothing….

We have had a party nearly every weekend that either invovled a 5 year old or a fancy dress theme. Erin (our neice) had a E 21st so Rhiannon and I went as Eyeballs (big circles of cardboard and lots of white spray paint) (I love the smell of spray paint!!!) Geoff was an Electriction (old work shirt and embroidery machine) Barbour’s Dodgy Electricals 1800 DODGY and Isaac was ELMO….. A fun night was had by all
The school holidays took the kids and I on a little trip to Junee (have figured out one of my close blogger friends lived in Junee and knows my family!!) for my Aunties 50th. A medevial affair…more costumes… a Fair Lady for Rhiannon, Robin Hood for Isaac (he was the cutest man in tights) and a Wenchs outfit for me.

I got to catch up with my family and spend time with my Mum who I hadn’t seen since Christmas. It was nice to have Mummy around although she caught the dreaded lurgy and is still really sick…

Today I got to do a little sewing…Yay… FNSI saw me hand stitching blocks for Isaac’s Boy Story quilt so I got three blocks sewn up today.

Also managed to finish off Vanessa’s santa sack. I just need to get the pressies organised and pop it in the post.She might start thinking I’ve forgotten her!!!! here's a sneak peak

Sneal peak of sack I made Vanessa

The sack I recieved from Vanessa is amazing and so not what I expected. Very clever and very different.

Pic borrowed from Vanessa
I am hoping that it is not so long between post and also that I have a new mojo to get some stuff done. For now I am focusing on finishing Isaac’s quilt and think once that’s done my shoulders won’t feel so heavy. I am happy to say all my forum swaps are up to date…. Cheers for now Geniene


Sue Pickwell said...

The costumes look great and you look like you were having a ball...

marina said...

Your fancy dress pics are great. Very cute Robyn Hood!
Your boys story blocks look great. Love the colours your have used for your blocks. Putting the pieced blocks together is what holds me up. The end is close for both of us.
The santa sack looks very cute definitely worth waiting for.

Stitchin' time said...

Lol, you make a great wench! The kids costumes look really cute. What would we do without our Mums?

Liz said...

The fancy dress looks great. Hope your mum is getting better. Well done for FNSI-the panels look great.

Karen's Korner said...

It looks like a funtime was had by all.

Vanessa R said...

Oooooooooohhhh! Like my sneak peek!