Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Caught up on other things too !!!

Last week I caught up on my Framed Hexi's from Our Craft Forum. I sent hexi's to Joma, Jeanette and Suzie Wong
 I also recieved this beutiful Hexi flower from our Forum swap. It was sent to me by Shirley (Shirlwin) the photo dosn't show the colour very well. It's very pretty. Thanks Shirley

I am machine-less so I am catching up on some of the hand sewing only projects.
Why do our machines always decide to pack it in when you have so much you want to do??
Have cut out some swap stuff so as soon as it's back it will be on.....
Cheers for now Geniene


Rai said...

Mine did that too. I had things all cut out and pinned ready to go and my machine stopped 5 minutes in. Not happy Jan. P.S. you won my giveaway.

Renny's little things said...

Oh Yah Rai!!!
My machine is fixed now thankfully so its full sew ahead!!!
Can you contact me on my email cause I can't find one for you
Thanks Geniene